This High-Heeled Lady Made Her Passenger Puke On The Ring

Is she too badass to be real?

Videos from Germany's Nurburgring generally feature the testing of new models or displays of supercar track madness. But here's something you've probably never seen before. A BMW E92 M3driven by a woman in high heels and a miniskirt suddenly pauses its race andpulls over to the side, allowing its passenger to make a quick run for theguardrail to vomit his guts out. Is this woman that much of a badass driver,or is this part of a publicity stunt designed to bring more drivers to theRing's rental car company?

Although we suspect the latter, we're going to give this girl thebenefit of the doubt and crown her as the current undisputed queen of classyracing. Her boyfriend, on the other hand, should probably sit the next lap out.

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