This Home-Built Drag Car Is The Quickest EV In The World

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Makes a Tesla look like a golf cart.

Everyone knows that the Tesla Model S is the undisputed EV drag racing king. The P100D is the quickest sedan in the world, and is capable of keeping up with even the quickest supercars on a drag strip. Tesla has just been put on notice because True Cousins, a drag racing team from Denmark, has just built a car that can blow the Model S away. The car is called the True Cousins TC-X, and is a custom-built EV that was made specifically for drag racing. It may not steal Tesla's production car records, but this thing is blisteringly fast.

The TC-X just set a National Electric Drag Racing Association (NEDRA) world record in the eighth-mile, with an insane time of 4.8968-seconds at a speed of 144.8 mph. True Cousins also had to do a backup run that was within 1 percent of the record time.

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If the car had continued on through the quarter mile, it would have set a time under eight-seconds. That is faster than a Porsche 918 Spyder, McLaren P1 or Ferrari LaFerrari. The TC-X is made out of two millimeter thick fiberglass body panels that are divided into four body castings. The whole car was put together by three men over five weekends in a small garage. In case you're in any doubt that electric cars can be quicker than gas-powered models, this homebuilt dragster proves just how incredible this technology can be.

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