This Honda Civic Hatch Means We're One Step Closer to the Type-R

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It's not official yet, but the writing is surely on the wall now.

As much as we like the exclusivity of our Honda Civic Si, the harrowing truth is that we don't really have anything to really brag about. Yes, it's nice to have a sporty, 200-hp compact coupe, but it pales in comparison with the 305-hp Honda Civic Type-R. Understandably, then, we don't really like being denied access to such a car - especially as, by all reports, it's a cracking piece of kit. However, a new concept car at the Geneva Motor Show that previews the next Honda Civic five-door model hints at a possible change in the wind for our Type-R-deprived nation.

You see, the Honda Civic Concept paves the way for a Civic hatchback that we're 99 per cent sure will be sold in the States - making it the first Civic five-door sold in the US since the seventh-generation model went out of production in the mid-2000s. It's understood to be part of Honda's new production policy that's not too dissimilar to the One Ford scheme - which, less we forget, resulted in us finally getting out mitts on the barmy Ford Focus RS. As a result, it's not too much of a leap to expect a Honda Civic Type-R based on the hatch this concept will eventually spawn to be on sale in the States before the end of the decade. We'll certainly be quizzing the Honda representatives at the Geneva Motor Show on more info of this potentially US-bound Civic hatchback.

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