This Honda Commercial Is Unlike Anything You've Seen

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But it still looks professional.

Covid-19 has rocked the automotive industry, with many manufacturers forced to close down their factories. Honda initially suspended production, but is still paying its employees through the shutdown. The Japanese automaker also revealed some big news in the form of an EV partnership with General Motors, which should yield some exciting results once the world returns to normal.

To stop the spread of the virus, most countries have been put under strict stay at home orders, which makes it difficult for certain professionals to do their jobs. Car commercials, for example, can not really be filmed at home. Or can they?
Memac Ogilvy
Memac Ogilvy

With the stay at home orders in full effect, an award-winning ad agency called Memac Ogilvy had a clever idea to film a car commercial without going outside. The company teamed up with Honda UAE to create a commercial for the 2020 Honda Civic sedan. It starts off as a traditional car commercial, with footage of the Civic "driving" along with some classical music playing in the background. As the music plays, some text reads "This might be the first car commercial to be written, directed, edited, and watched, entirely from home."

It eventually becomes apparent that the Civic is actually a toy car that is rolling across the floor of someone's house. The video ends with someone using their finger to close one of the toy's front doors and the caption "Until We Drive Again #stayathome" appears on the screen.

Memac Ogilvy
Memac Ogilvy
Memac Ogilvy

Jeep created a similar advertisement, using footage from its Bill Murray Superbowl ad to warn people to stay at home and stay healthy. Other automakers like Audi, Hyundai, Mercedes-Benz, and Volkswagen have even changed their logos on social media to encourage social distancing. As people continue to be under stay at home orders, it is nice to see automakers give us fun ads like these to watch.

2016-2020 Honda Civic Sedan Front View Driving Honda
Rear Angle View Honda
Front Angle View Honda

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