This Honda Dealership's Civic Type R Markup Is The Highest In America


This nonsense is still going on.

Last summer we learned, not surprisingly, that US Honda dealerships were marking up the MSRP for the first batch of Civic Type Rs. What was surprising was by how much. There were reports ranging from $10,000 to even $25,000. But that was then. The Civic Type R was very new and demand, understandably, was high. Just give it six months or so, many figured, and those greedy dealerships would be less greedy because the Type R supply flow would be greater.

Shame that's not the case, as evidenced by this ad we found on Autotrader. Honda of Sumner, Washington, has a new 2017 Civic Type R for sale with a sticker price of $54,775. MSRP: $34,775. That's right. A full $20,000 above MSRP. Is there anything special about this particular Type R that justifies the markup? Can it, for example, fly? Dispense bubble gum from its dash? No. Are other US Honda dealerships still doing markups on Type Rs? Yes, but Honda of Sumner has the highest markup right now in the entire country. For example, the next highest Type R markup is priced at $49,990. Other dealerships range in price from – gasp! – MSRP to $49,975. So yeah, Honda of Sumner, congratulations. You guys are ripoff merchants.

And we thought Craigslist Civic Type R sellers were the real cheaters here. Even if a local resident wanted to buy your insanely priced Civic Type R, they shouldn't. It'd be cheaper for them to travel, cross country if necessary, buy the same car at another Honda dealership, preferably one charging MSRP, and drive it home. Road tripping doesn't cost anything near $20k.

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