This Honda S2000 Has An Electric Surprise Under The Hood

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It's only 200 pounds heavier than a stock S2000.

You never know what wild aftermarket creations you're going to find at SEMA, and this year's show did not disappoint. The 2021 SEMA show had everything from a carbon-fiber Nissan Skyline with 1,300 horsepower to a Ford Bronco fire rescue SUV.

One of our favorite builds was an E30 BMW 3 Series drift car with a 2.0-liter naturally-aspirated engine swapped from a Honda S2000. This custom Honda S2000 shown off at SEMA, on the other hand, ditches its naturally-aspirated engine in favor of an electric motor.

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In its heyday, the Honda S2000 was renowned for its high-revving four-cylinder engine, low weight, and lively handling. Converting this classic Japanese sports car into an EV without ruining these characteristics proved to be a considerable challenge - especially as this was Ryan Basseri's first-ever electric restomod. However, as the owner of motorsports electronic company Rywire, he was up for the challenge, and the result is commendable.

The drivetrain was replaced with a Telsa Large Performance Drive Unit, while the battery packs were sourced from a Chevrolet Volt. To make room for the components, the frame was extended by eight inches, but the wheelbase was left stock. Thanks to its custom A-arms, the width of the S2000 also remained stock.

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Impressively, the finished build is only 200 pounds heavier than a stock S2000. No performance specifications have been released, but the result is said to be a "sleeper S2000 that is surprisingly fast." Looking at this marvel of engineering makes us wish Honda would resurrect the legendary roadster.

Since it was discontinued in 2009 after being in production for ten years, the S2000 has gained a cult following. Sadly, Honda has no plans to revive the S2000 for a new generation to enjoy but used examples with low milages aren't too hard to find if you're looking for a faster alternative to the Mazda MX-5 Miata.

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