This Hypercar With An Iconic Livery Is Easily A 7-Figure Car

One of only two vehicles is now on sale.

At $845,000, the Porsche 918 Spyder is the cheapest member of the hypercar trinity. But thatdoesn’t mean it isn’t as fast or as good looking. In fact, with itsGulf Oil racing livery, the 918 Spyder looks absolutely stunning. There’s onlyone problem with that. Porsche only fitted two hypercars with the livery andnow that all of the vehicles are sold out, the two cars with the paint are worth a lot ofmoney. DuPont Registry has one of the gorgeous supercars on sale for an unnamed price.

In addition to the Gulf livery, both 918 Spyders wereequipped with the Weissach performance package, which aided the hypercar insetting its blistering time around the Nurburgring. To highlight the historic livery,the two hypercars have a lot of custom touches that include, hand-painted brakecalipers, custom-stitched upholstery, as well as custom piping on the carbonfiber floor mats and key fob. As if that’s not enough, the color scheme canalso be found on the custom luggage that comes with the hypercars. With all ofthis customization, we wouldn’t be surprised to see DuPoint Registry ask ahefty seven-figure sum for the vehicle.

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