This Hyundai Dealer Rules a Kingdom of Quirky Trucks

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And it's all happening in Texas.

With only 24,000 units produced by General Motors between 2003 and 2006, the truck-hotrod-convertible SSR was never one of Chevrolet's most successful products. And as small as the original market for this niche vehicle was, its popularity as a discontinued model has hardly skyrocketed in most areas. But for North Freeway Hyundai owner Paul Peebles from Spring, Texas, it doesn't get any better than the SSR. Amazingly, he is also making a businesses out of his passion for this truck.

In 2010, Peebles picked up five units in an attempt to boost his business's pre-owned section. Since then, he has handled no less than 447 SSR transactions involving 403 units. As such, about 2 percent of all SSRs ever built have gone through his dealership. As his reputation grew, Peebles has handled the sale of some of the rarest examples of this specialty vehicle. With some now calling him the SSR King, Peebles does everything from local owner cookouts to compiling online databases of existing owners and even befriending some GM engineers involved in the original production. Currently, the dealership has nine vehicles listed, ranging in from $27,000 to $36,000.

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