This Infiniti Video Is Like An Unwanted Acid Trip

It will have you trippin' balls.

For reasons currently unknown, Infiniti Middle East has put together this music video that will have you trippin’ balls. It’s made up entirely of sounds created by Infiniti cars including "brakes, tire spins, gear shifts, seatbelt clicks, exhaust roars and internal alerts" from the Q50, QX60, QX70 and QX80. Producer and composer Megadon Betamax put the chill-out track together, which has been dubbed Chromatic. In and of itself the remix won’t mess up your subconscious too badly, but the video is like a horrible acid trip flashback.

Infiniti describe its creation as "emotively stimulating, both to look at and to hear." Those with epilepsy are advised to look away now (seriously).

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