This Innocent-Looking Bridge Is A Serial Truck Killer

Is 'LOW CLEARANCE' not clear enough?

Foolme once, shame on you; fool me (or unsuspecting truck drivers) dozens of times,and maybe we have a problem here. With its latest victim logged on August 24,the East Street Railroad Bridge in Westwood, Massachusetts has gained areputation as a dedicated truck serial killer. With a clearance of 10'6"and a narrow road width, the bridge just keeps shaving off the roofs of every truck that passes. According to the Westwood PD, which regularly posts about these crashes on its YouTube and Twitter accounts, there might be a reason forthat.

Manyof the incidents have included rented moving trucks, with drivers using theirnormal routes and neglecting to reroute based on the vehicle they're driving.That may have been the case in the last video posted by Westwood PD:

However, how would you explain this lobster truck incident last year, when a truck carrying tons of lobsters hit the bridge and thencaught fire? We hope that Westwood residents were able to enjoy a niceneighborhood BBQ after this one:

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