This Insane 10-Wheel Chevrolet Silverado Has A 1,425-HP V8

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With 1,425 horsepower on tap, there's nothing subtle about this ten-wheeled truck.

Priced at just over $65,000, the F-150 Raptor is one of the most outlandish trucks money can buy. Serious off-roading skills and a 450-horsepower 3.5-liter V6 make the Ford a truly unique proposition for truck lovers. But what if your tastes are a bit more eccentric? If that's the case, specialist car dealer Gateway Classic Cars has just the answer.

For around the same price as the Raptor, you could purchase this Chevrolet Silverado. This custom isn't your average 18-year-old Silverado. Ignoring the unique exterior for a moment, this lengthy leviathan is packing some serious power under its hood. An 8.7-liter Cadillac V8 produces an incredible 1,425 hp and 1,671 lb-ft of torque, courtesy of two Garrett turbochargers. A five-speed Allison automatic transmission sends power to the road.

Gateway Classic Cars Gateway Classic Cars Gateway Classic Cars Gateway Classic Cars

Paying tribute to the Cadillac power is the revised front end. Gone is the original Silverado's front-end, replaced by the imposing front end of a second-generation Cadillac Escalade (which was also offered as an EXT pickup). Repainted in black, the truck previously wore two-tone red and champagne paintwork. Previously, it was featured at SEMA and even had the honor of being featured on the cover ofTruckin' magazine.

22-inch Brentz wheels are fitted all around, with the rear having to be tubbed to accommodate the extra width. Each of the three axles is fitted with independently adjustable airbags, giving the ten-wheeled monster a menacing stance.

The basic architecture of the original Silverado's cabin has been retained, but there are several embellishments. Cream-colored leather covers both the seats and door cards. An aftermarket sound system has been fitted, each door boasting at least two large speakers. In the center console, the original radio has been swapped out in favor of a more modern, aftermarket item which adds navigation.

Gateway Classic Cars Gateway Classic Cars Gateway Classic Cars Gateway Classic Cars

While a lot nicer than the original interior, we reckon there's room for improvement. Perhaps the new owner should seek inspiration from a recently featured Bentley pickup, which certainly has the best cabin of any truck we've seen.

The dealership makes no mention of performance figures or weight, but we're willing to bet this is one seriously fast (albeit heavy) Silverado. But if the high power output and the dramatic styling still don't do it for you, the Silverado's party trick surely will. Despite its age, the Silverado still presents in superb condition and, considering the amount of work that has gone into this creation, the $65,000 price tag isn't that steep . Just budget for tires.

Gateway Classic Cars Gateway Classic Cars Gateway Classic Cars Gateway Classic Cars

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