This Insane 600-HP Hill Climber Makes Us Wish Alfa Romeo Raced The 4C

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Someone tuned the 4C to make 600 hp and stuck a massive wing and diffuser on the back for good measure.

Many people found it curious that Alfa Romeo would launch its US return with the 4C. It's not that the 4C is a bad car or anything. On the contrary, reviewers love its pure driving approach and hardcore design. But bare-bones two-doors don't exactly have mass market appeal. While the 4C may be destined for death (at least in the US) it's videos like this that remind you just how awesome the little car can be. Marco Gramenzi is the man behind this insane 4C which is designed solely to eat up hills.

To that end the 1.7-liter engine has been tuned ever so slightly to make 600 horsepower. A massive diffuser and wing help keep all that power firmly planted. In case you were wondering those tires are 13-inch Pirelli P Zeroes.

The car itself was made by Picchio, an Italian company that makes race cars and regular cars. It was designed by Gramenzi specifically for hill climb events. Alfa Romeo doesn't race the 4C which we think is a shame. This hill climber looks incredible and makes us wonder what a GT version of the 4C would be like. Alfa Romeo, make it happen.

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