This Insane Country Club Is Gearhead Euphoria

We are dying to become members.

Country clubs are great—they provide a relaxing and luxurious atmosphere to swim, play a round of golf or a set of tennis. But there has always been something big missing: racing. This expensive and carefree lifestyle would be complete with a private race track for the club members to use. Investors realized the potential for such a facility, which gave birth to a one of a kind country club, named Atlanta Motorsports Park. The club is eco-friendly and has luxurious facilities to satisfy the high profile members.

In addition to the two-mile race track there's an autocross karting course, Ariel Atom driving school and private garage. The club has 436 members and initiation dues can cost up to $40,000. Check out this video that will make you sell your house and join immediately.

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