This Insane Ford Excursion Costs More Than A New Range Rover

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And it may have belonged to royalty.

We really miss the old Ford Excursion. A large, heavy-duty SUV built from 1999 to 2005, unlike modern SUVs, the Excursion was based on the F-250 Super Duty platform, so it really was a truck underneath. Powertrains for the Excursion included a gasoline V8 or V10, as well as two V8 diesel engines. The enormous size of the Excursion made it perfect as a limousine, and the F-250 platform meant that it was rugged and versatile. We've even seen an Excursion monster truck.

The Excursion may have been huge, but it's truck underpinnings meant that it wasn't exactly luxurious. Luckily, if someone had enough money to spend, they could turn the Excursion into a true Range Rover competitor. That is exactly what the pervious owner of this Excursion did. This 2005 Excursion is currently for sale at IM Autohas in Virginia. Before we blow everyone's minds with the price, we have to explain why this is such an awesome vehicle. Judging from the interior modifications, it appears the work on this Excursion was done when the car was new back in 2005. We contacted the dealer, who told us that this truck used to belong to the King of Jordan.

It would make sense that the leader of a country would want to roll around in something that is unique and intimidating. This Excursion definitely checks those boxes. The standard SUV obviously wasn't long enough because the king added an extra set of rear doors. On the interior, the second row doesn't look too special, but does have some electric seat adjustments that have been added. The third row is where this Excursion really shows its luxury credentials. It features connected captain's chairs with folding wooden tray tables that allows passengers to get important work done. There's even an intercom and telephone system to allow onboard communication across the truck.

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This truck is so big, that the intercom system really is a necessity. Someone sitting in the back seat would have to yell just to reach the driver in the front row, not that they would want to have a conversation because there is also a DVD entertainment system onboard. The front row also has some cool features like a built-in cooler where the glovebox used to be. Now is where we get to the bad news, the price. The dealership is asking $120,000 for this massive limousine. That means that this 12-year old truck is more expensive than a brand new V8 Range Rover. So is it worth it? For a start, this Excursion only has 3,105 miles on it. It may be 12-years old, but this truck is essentially new.

This Excursion comes with the 6.8-liter Triton V10, which has 310 hp and 425 lb-ft of torque. This power goes out to all four wheels through a four-speed automatic transmission. It can also tow up to 8,900 pounds, which makes it one of the most robust limos on the market. It may be incredibly expensive, but that is a small price to pay for coolest Excursion on the market, and one that used to belong to royalty.

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