Insane Modified Ford GT Is Now The Fastest Street-Legal Car In The World

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It's quicker than any Bugatti or Koenigsegg.

Five years ago, Richard Rawlings of Gas Monkey Garage and Fast & Loud fame set out to build a car that could achieve 300 mph. It came close... 292.9 mph.

Using the same 2006 Ford GT owned and driven by Johnny Bohmer (nicknamed the Badd GT), Rawlings once again sponsored another top-speed run at the Space Florida Launch and Landing Facility, located in the Kennedy Space Center. This is the same landing strip used by Hennessey to test the Venom F5, and SSC used to set its top speed record with the Tuatara.

With Bohmer behind the wheel, the highly-modified Ford hit 310.8 mph on E-85 fuel.

Johnny Bohmer Proving Grounds Johnny Bohmer Proving Grounds Johnny Bohmer Proving Grounds

The most impressive part is that the car remains street-legal, and Bohmer is known to use it on the school run. It has working air conditioning, power windows, a passenger seat, and a stereo (but good luck hearing it over the engine).

"We've been blown away by the capabilities of this car," said Richard Rawlings, who has sponsored the car since 2016. "Johnny and I are committed to showing the world the kind of speed that this car can achieve and feel we can create records that will last for years."

Johnny Bohmer Proving Grounds Johnny Bohmer Proving Grounds Johnny Bohmer Proving Grounds

The massive top speed was measured by a Racelogic VBox Performance Box Touch, four Garmin Ultras, 30 cameras, a FuelTech ECU, and Racepak. And here's where things get really crazy; Bohmer says his team wasn't even attempting a world record on this run.

Bohmer and the team were testing the new FuelTech FT600 ECU system with traction control, and he decided to remain on-throttle in the final gear. "We believe the Badd GT can do much more than break the record," Bohmer said. "In its current configuration, we have another 500-700 horsepower that we can work with to really boost the top speed."

We look forward to seeing if the Badd GT can achieve an even more bonkers top-speed record in the future.

Johnny Bohmer Proving Grounds Johnny Bohmer Proving Grounds

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