This Insane LEGO Mad Max Tribute Features The Movie's Craziest Rides

Including the manic Doof Wagon and all your other favorites.

Anycar buff who got to watch "Mad Max: Fury Road" must have had troublefocusing on the movie's star cast, action, and explosions. Because thereal stars of this film were obviously its cars, which included some insane vehiclesthat caught everybody's attention. Now, a person called LEGO Will has createdan incredible homage to these wild rides, made out of – you guessed it –nothing but LEGO blocks. And while they aren't all perfect just yet, we thinkthis is just the incentive that LEGO needs to launch a full Mad Max set.

Lego Will's collection is far from perfect (what is the Ghost Busterslogo doing there?), but it includes such offbeat, ludicrous wheels as Max'sInterceptor, the Ford Model T, the War Boy's War Chariots, the Buzzers' spikeycar, the insane Doof Wagon, the 1959 Cadillac-based Gigahorse, and Theron's WarRig. And even if you aren't familiar with the movie and its cars, you're boundto find this crazy collection, and the hard work that went into it, absolutelymind-blowing.

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