This Insane Nissan GT-R Just Clocked A 6-Second Quarter Mile

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This is the quickest the world.

Having recently reclaimed the quarter-mile crown from EKanoo Racing, the guys at Diamonds By Wire, headed by Gigi Chamdi, wanted to go one step further by setting a time in the sixes. Over the weekend at TXTK17, that's exactly what happened as the monochrome Godzilla with over 2,000 horsepower on tap clocked the quarter mile in a time of 6.93 seconds at 196.27 mph. And when Gigi finds out the time, he absolutely loses it.

With that phenomenal run at the Royal Purple Raceway in Baytown, Texas, the Alpha G became the world's first six-second Nissan GT-R as well as the world's first all-wheel-drive car to clock a time in the sixes.

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Packing a VR38 Billet Version 2 engine block and two Garrett GTX Turbos under the hood, Gigi and his crew were fighting engine issues right up until the last moment, fitting the car's third engine before making the record pass. EKanoo Racing now has some serious work on its hands if it plans to beat the Alpha G.

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