This INSANELY Rare Lamborghini Is Modeled After The World's Only Miura Racer

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The Lamborghini Miura is one of the most famous and iconic supercars of all time. Ferrucio Lamborghini was proud at being able to challenge Ferrari on the road but he never wanted to race. However, Bob Wallace, who was then a Lamborghini test driver and manager of the Miura's development, always wanted to go hardcore with the Miura. During preparation for the Miura SV the race-focused Jota was secretly developed by Wallace and a handful of engineers.

The Jota was lighter and more powerful than the Miura, weighing in at around 1,760 pounds, and its 4.0-liter engine was modified to produce around 440-hp. An all-aluminum semi-monocoque shell help cut weight, and other add-ons include a new front splitter, more efficient aerodynamics and that gorgeous fixed rear wing. The car was also widened and had new magnesium alloy wheels put on. Unfortunately only one was ever made and this isn't it. The one-off was sold and later destroyed in an accident. This is actually a regular 1968 Miura built as a tribute to the Jota. That being said it sports the same engine as the race-spec model and after an extensive bout of customizing it more or less looks like the real deal.

It's not known how many Miura's were designed with the Jota spec and how many still remain today. What we do know is that regular Miuras cost a ton of money. One designed as almost an exact replica of the Jota will likely cost a couple of tons of cash. The price isn't even in the listing, which means that if you have to ask you can't afford it.

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