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This Is A Chinese Sports Car You Might Actually Want To Buy

2019 New York Auto Show / 16 Comments

The Qiantu K50 is set to go on sale in the US next year.

The 2019 New York Auto Show has hosted the world debuts of models from major manufacturers, but there are many lesser-known carmakers looking to gain exposure at the show. The Qiantu K50 is one such example.

If you've never heard of it, it's a Chinese electric sports car that was unveiled in near-production guise two years ago at the Shanghai Motor Show, but it's also coming to the US thanks to Mullen Technologies, a company based in California where the American model will be manufactured. The car on display at the Big Apple is the version US customers will be able to buy next year.

With its long and low hood and slim headlights, the K50's striking design helps it stand out in the EV sports car segment. There are 29 carbon fiber components on the body weighing around 103 pounds, while the rest of the body is made of sheet metal and the frame is made of aluminum. It should handle well too, thanks to a double-wishbone suspension at each corner, Brembo brakes and sticky Pirelli P-Zero tires.

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Under its sleek skin, the electric powertrain features two motors, one powering each axle. They deliver a combined output of 402 hp, but an "overclocking mode" increases the output to 429 hp. Also distinguishing it from rival electric sports cars is a roof-mounted solar panel that powers an in-car air circulation system that activates when the interior temperature exceeds 77 degrees Fahrenheit.

We still don't know the US specifications, but the Chinese model has a 78-kWh battery providing a range of 230 miles by Chinese NEDC standards. Crucially, the estimated range and pricing details of the Qiantu K50 coming to the US are still being kept under wraps.