This Is A Completely New Car And Everything About It Is Awesome

$80k for a custom-built, 600-hp sports car. What's not to like?

Two British gearheads, David Halford and Michail Papastergiou, wondered why nobody had ever bothered to build a sports car inspired by the iconic shape of 1980’s Group C race cars before. So they built one themselves. This is the Contera MD1, a scratchbuilt sports car that for just over $80,000, on paper looks like insanely good value for money. Like the McLaren F1, it boasts a central driving position flanked by two passenger seats.

The wraparound screen apes that of the Group C cars, while power comes from a Lexus/Yamaha 3.0-liter twin-turbo unit that produces 300 hp, but that can be dialed up to generate 600 hp upon customer request. In fact, the engine bay can accommodate a V12 if you so desire. A custom-made 100-liter fuel tank ensures a low center of gravity and even weight distribution, and in turn decent driving dynamics, while things like speed-sensitive steering, electric windows, rear-view camera, MP3 sound system and climate control will also make the MD1 a pleasant GT cruiser.

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