This Is Alfa Romeo's Answer To The BMW M4 GTS

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If it entered production, this Alfa Giulia GTA Coupe would battle the BMW M4 GTS.

After a long hiatus, Alfa Romeo brought back the legendary GTA nameplate to create an even hotter version of the gorgeous Giulia. But since the Giulia is only offered as a four-door sedan, Alfa Romeo still doesn't have any stylish coupes in its current lineup.

Back in 2018, Alfa Romeo fans rejoiced when the Italian automaker announced it will revive the GTV coupe and 8C, but these plans have been put on hold. To fill the void, artist Aksyonov Nikita has created a digital render of an Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA to show us what we're missing out on.

Aksyonov Nikita / Behance
Aksyonov Nikita / Behance

While a two-door coupe version of the Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA doesn't make much business sense right now when there's more demand for crossovers and sales of the Giulia sedan have been slow, it would be a fitting callback to the original 1965 Giulia GTA, which was a two-door coupe.

The track-focused Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAm also only has two seats since the bench is removed to allow storage for racing helmets and a fire extinguisher, making the rear doors redundant. There have also been rumors that Alfa Romeo was planning to offer a two-door coupe version of the Giulia.

Aksyonov Nikita / Behance
Front Angle View Alfa Romeo
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Under the hood, the Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA packs the same 2.9 twin-turbo V6 as the regular Giulia, which would also carry over to the Giulia GTA Coupe. This V6 unit produces 510 horsepower, but thanks to extensive recalibration work the output increases to 540 horses in the hotter Giulia GTA.

Using launch control, the Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA rockets from 0-62 in just 3.6 seconds. If it ever entered production, the Alfa Giulia GTA Coupe would take on the likes of the BMW M4 GTS and Mercedes-AMG C63 S Coupe. In the meantime, the Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA and Giulia GTAm will be limited to only 500 units in total, but we're still waiting to find out if they will be sold in the US.

Front-End View Alfa Romeo
Rear-Facing View Alfa Romeo
Side View Driving Alfa Romeo
Rear Angle View Alfa Romeo
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