This Is All That's Left Of Ken Block's Burned Escort Cosworth

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Don't worry, Block has vowed to build another one.

To say that the fabled Ford Escort Cosworth's recent return to rally didn't go well is an understatement. After acquiring the car last year and extensively modifying it, Ken Block entered the legendary Group A car in the New England Forest Rally last week. It was going well as Block was running in third place, despite competing against more modern machines.

Unfortunately, technical issues caused him to lose control, hit a rock and roll the car over several times. The car was seriously damaged in the crash, but it probably still would have been repairable. That was until it suddenly caught on fire.

Watching the onboard video from Block's perspective, the situation looks incredibly scary. You can sense his panic as he scrambles to escape the burning wreck. Luckily, both Block and his co-driver Alex Gelsomino escaped unharmed but the same can't be said for the Cossie, which was completely destroyed in the blaze. A few days after the accident, Block shared some photos showing the Cosworth's charred remains. If you're a fan of vintage rally cars, you've been warned because these graphic images aren't for the faint of heart. The car has been reduced to a burnt-out shell, and clearly won't be tackling a rally stage ever again. We may eventually see Block back behind the wheel of another Escort Cosworth, however, as the rally star has vowed to build another one. "I am gutted to have had the Cossie burn up on Friday, but of course we will have to build a new one," he wrote on Facebook.

Block's unique take on the 1991 Escort Cosworth Group A car is (or rather, was) powered by a modified 1997 WRC-spec 2.0-liter turbo four with 400 horsepower and 405 lb-ft of torque. Sadly, the turbocharged unit doesn't look like it survived the accident either, as the torched engine compartment is covered in ash, and the ruined cabin has been reduced to a mangled mess of toasted wiring. It's a tragic end to a legendary rally car, but it obviously could have been a lot worse.

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