This Is An Electric Mercedes That's Easy To Love

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None of Merc's new EQ models look this good.

You may be familiar with Everrati already. They restore old cars and turn them into EVs, like the Porsche 911 they built a while back. Now, the brand has partnered with classic car restorers Hilton & Moss to build an electric Mercedes-Benz W113 SL Pagoda, perhaps one of the most beautiful Mercedes SL-Class models ever. This Pagoda is certainly more beautiful than new electric Mercs like the odd EQS sedan. Hilton & Moss have some experience in this area, of course, having worked with classic Mercedes-Benz models for more than 40 years.

Everrati says it has worked to "respectfully preserve the original character and feel of its refined icons." The marque says this W113 will be no different, remaining true to the car's ethos and offering performance comparable to the original model.

Everrati Everrati Everrati

First, Hilton & Moss will restore each vehicle from the ground up. And yes, you do have to provide a donor car. These are then stripped down to the bare chassis, with the car repaired and refreshed using original parts of the highest quality. H&M says the result is a car that's "more perfectly finished than even the day it originally left the factory." As it should be. H&M has won numerous Concours awards for its restoration work. The firm also says that 95% of the work is done on-site, thanks to the numerous facilities they have at their Bishop's Stortford facility.

Of course, both brands have said that these new electric W113s will be comparable to the old ones. According to the Everatti website, the electric W113 Pagoda will produce 180 horsepower, reach 60 mph in a dignified seven seconds, and has a range of at least 160 miles.

Everrati Everrati Everrati Everrati

By comparison, the gas-powered 280 SL makes 168 hp and will take around 8.8 seconds to hit 60, so the electric model is clearly the quicker of the two. A look at the brand's previous efforts reminds us that it isn't trying to compete with Tesla on range or power; rather, these cars are all about fusing timeless design and electric power. The brand's 500-hp electric 911 offers 150 miles of range. That isn't much, but the Pagoda's 160 miles of range will be plenty for occasional weekend joyrides or a few shorter trips in the week.

Everrati Everrati Everrati Everrati

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