Drag Race

This is Awesome: Skyline R34 Vs. R35 GT-R

Oh yeah, let's also toss a Lamborghini Aventador into the mix.

Nissan never sold the R34 Skyline in the US, but several enthusiasts managed to import a few over the years. What is without a doubt one of the best high-performance cars to ever come out of Japan is also one of the most tunable cars. And what’s a worthy R34 competitor? The R35 of course, which is officially called the GT-R. Surely you’ve heard of it. The R34 featured in this video has been tuned to 700 horsepower while the R35 GT-R has at least 650 ponies.

Sounds like a damn perfect matchup to us. And to shake things up a bit further, a 700hp Lamborghini Aventador is also matched up against the R34.

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