This Is BMW's Answer To The Mercedes A-Class

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Is a new battle cropping up in the entry-level luxury segment?

The entry-level sedan segment isn't one that automakers are paying much attention to these days. Unless, of course, we're talking about Mercedes. This past Super Bowl, the automaker flooded TVs with commercials for the new A-Class. Given the car's position as a cheaper model designed to garner "conquest sales," as well as Mercedes' decision to debut its AI-powered MBUX infotainment system with the car, it was obvious the Tri-Star was targeting tech-savvy millennial buyers with the A-Class.

Mercedes also drastically improved on the interior, the area buyers will most frequently interact with, to make sure young customers come back to the brand when it's time for a new car. It even went as far as to shower the A-Class with toys like ambient lighting and a dual-screen infotainment/digital gauge cluster as well as the latest in Mercedes' interior design. And though we have yet to see how the BMW 1 Series will try to outdo the A-Class, we've at least caught a hint of what the automaker has in store thanks to Facebook.

Though our spy photographers previously managed to catch up with a 1 Series test mule and get shots of the car's interior -which was also loaded with ambient lights and BMW's latest interior styling - what we haven't gotten to see yet is the 1 Series' uncovered face…until now.

Thanks to pictures BMW posted across social media, we can now see uncovered parts of the 1 Series' front and rear end. The headlights and taillights were covered up when the hatchback's spy shots first landed on our desk, but here we can see them clearly, showing that BMW went with a more modern angular light pattern to better align the 1 Series with its current styling language. The 1 Series' body panels also look like they better fill out the vehicle's dimensions, making the car look bigger. And while we already knew that BMW was going to give the 2020 1 Series a digital gauge cluster, we can get a better look of it in the teaser images.

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When the 1 Series is officially revealed, which should happen any day now since customer deliveries are supposed to take place by the end of the year, it will ride on BMW's front-wheel drive UKL architecture, which underpins several Minis as well as the X1 and X2. It's not too likely that the 1 Series will end up in America, but that could change if the A-Class proves to be a hit.


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