This Is Buick's Newest Sports Wagon That Will Be Making It To The US

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Will Buick really be the one to answer our prayers for a high horsepower wagon that's available in the US?

If there ever were a car built exclusively for the European market that was bound to have a large impact in other countries, it would be the Opel Insignia. The large passenger sedan is sold in the EU and shares everything but badges with the Buick Regal sold in North America and China. Alone, it may not be a vehicle that gets the heart racing, except in this case our spy photographers have caught something interesting, an Opel Insignia Grand Sport Tourer.

You may be thinking that a refreshed version of a wagon that's never been seen in the US doesn't matter, but it does because as it so happens, the Opel Insignia will make it to the US. Of course it will lose its Opel badging in the process and in its place find some Buick badges, but this means that Americans will finally see a Buick wagon go on sale in America for the first time in decades. The Opel Insignia that our spies caught is out testing because Buick has upped the ante on the line in hopes of both appealing to Audi A4 and BMW 3 Series buyers. To do so, this Opel will grow to fill in larger proportions but still lose 385 pounds over its predecessor.

This considerable loss should help it handle better, accelerate faster, as well as receive a thumbs up and a smile from the EPA and European regulators. The Sport trim means that this Opel Insignia Tourer is faster than its more pedestrian brothers so we can expect a 3.6-liter V6 from GM to power this go-fast edition. Despite the camouflage bringing out a hearse look out of the Opel's body work, we think the final product will be stunning, enough so that it will successfully lure in some customers that would otherwise buy a crossover. Come 2018, US buyers will see these in dealership lots bearing Buick badges while Australians should be able to pick one up under the familiar Holden Commodore moniker.

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