This Is Definitely Not What The Nurburgring's Rulers Want To See

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Speed signs won't stop people from crashing.

It was only recently that the Nurburgring banned automakers from attempting timed lap records. The privately held racetrack has been moving to make the circuit safer by installing speed limit signs and coming down on motorists who ignore them. However, it hasn't gotten rid of tourist laps which are always good for a crash or two. This video features a Volkswagen Golf whose driver appears to make contact with a curb. That sends the Golf flipping and flying through the air.

Luckily the driver ends up walking out of his car looking more or less good to go. We're happy the Nurburgring made things safer by preventing automakers from renting out the track for timed runs but we'd like to see a bit more of a clampdown on tourist days.

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