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This is Definitely Not Your Grandpa's Oldsmobile

This thing was built to take punishment.

Oldsmobile was sadly killed off several years ago by GM. The reason? Olds lost its way long before it was given the axe. Sure, there was the Aurora, but not much else other than rebadged Chevys. It was a sorry end for a brand that built some truly great cars during its heyday. Examples include the Toronado and the 442. Fortunately, there are still plenty of loyal Olds fans out there who not only maintain their cars, but have also performed some major modifications.

One such owner is famed hot rod photographer Robert McGaffin. What started off as a 1965 Cutlass F-85 has been turned into 442 with a Big Block V8. It can handle the autocross circuit as well as being a proper grand tourer.

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