This Is Easily One Of The Greatest Koenigsegg Videos Ever

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Thanks to Jay Leno.

Considering the fact that any model of Koenigsegg is such a rare hypercar, we can definitely say that we've seen our fair share of Koenigsegg videos. However, these videos normally involve a quick drag race against another hypercar and don't really allow for an intimate overview of these exquisitely crafted vehicles. Thanks to Jay Leno, all of this is about to change. On the most recent episode of Jay Leno's Garage, Jay introduces us to the modest creator of the Koenigsegg and gives us a detailed overview of one of the rarest models, the Trevita CCXR.

This is truly a rare and intimate look into one of the most incredible hypercars of the modern era. Here's the full episode. We know you'll enjoy.

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