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This Is Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Heel-Toe Downshifting

But were too afraid to ask.

Porsche recently released a video covering heel-and-toe downshifting in the all-new 911R. That video covered the basics and showed how cool the new sports car was as it could do the entire process on its own. While that clip was cool it's not nearly as awesome as this new video from Engineering Explained. In it you'll learn how to heel-toe downshift and, more importantly, what goes on in your car when you're doing it. It's a fairly complex process but as with all Engineering Explained videos it's broken down into its simplest form.

If you've never tried to heel-toe downshift before this video might just change that. If you drive an automatic...well you should probably still watch this. When you decide to finally take the training wheels off your car this info will be useful.

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