This Is Exactly Why He Told The BMW Driver To Get Off His Phone

Is this instant karma, or the exact opposite?

Talking on the phone while behind the wheel of your car is not cool. But nor is telling a complete stranger to “Put down your f***ing phone.” Motorcyclist, Samuel Ayres, was approaching a red light when he noticed the BMW driver next to him talking on his phone. The LA biker’s aggressive request to put his phone down can be heard in the video he recorded from his helmet-mounted camera. Would asking more politely have resulted in a different outcome?

We’ll never know, but what’s not in doubt is that moments later Ayres was knocked off his bike, bumped and bruised with a severe concussion, two hairline fractures and a broken foot. Did the BMW driver knock into the biker on purpose? Or was he distracted because he was, ironically, talking on the same phone the biker had seconds before told him to put down?

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