This is Ferrari's Super-Secret SP FFX

Is it a one-off, or could it be the rumored FF coupe?

Ferrari is no stranger for coming up with some of the most ridiculous supercars on the planet. It’s constantly working to not only one-up the competition, but also itself. And great things happen because of that. Now that the LaFerrari and 458 Speciale are out of the bag, many have been wondering what the Italian company was up to next. Here’s your answer: the one-off SP FFX. It’s supposedly being built for an uber wealthy client by Ferrari’s Special Projects division.

However, Jalopnik reported a few months ago that Ferrari was working on a new all-wheel-drive V12-powered super coupe, supposedly called the FFX. They also pointed out that Ferrari filed a patent application for "SP FFX," along with a unique logo. This could turn out to be an FF coupe, or it could the car you see here. Perhaps it’s not a one-off after all. We’ll hopefully have an official answer soon enough.

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