This Is Going To Be A Very Special BMW M4

New concept previews a more hardcore M4. And yes, it's coming to the US.

Previewing a high-performance model and the first special production M3/M4 in the US, this is the BMW Concept M4 GTS that will premiere at Pebble Beach this weekend. Track-focused and road legal, the M4 GTS comes packing new technologies that will be rolled out on future models. Headlining these is an innovative water injection system that already helps to provide more output and torque in the M4 MotoGP Safety Car.

In short, the system works by cooling the air intake, reducing the compression temperature in the combustion chamber, which enables the turbocharged engine to use higher boost pressure and earlier injection timing. OLED taillights are the other new bit of kit, which apart from providing “full-surface and homogenous illumination,” gives designers the ability to create a new light signature. In the case of the M4 GTS, they looks awesome. As does the Frozen Dark Grey Metallic exterior with Acid Orange accents, and the beautiful staggered alloys, measuring 19 inches in the front and 20 inches in the rear.

In pursuit of lightness and improved aerodynamics, the Concept M4 GTS also sports a carbon-fiber manually-adjustable front splitter and rear wing, a carbon-constructed hood, while a wide front air intake minimizes life and optimizes air flow No word on performance specs, but these will come with the arrival of the hardcore BMW M4 in the near future.

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