This Is Gymkhana 9: Raw Industrial Playground


Industrial New York is the new venue for the new Gymkhana video, and it rocks.

After some teaser pics and last week'sshort teaser vid, The Hoonigans just released the ninth instalment of theGymkhana series – Gymkhana 9. Is this video set to go viral too? Well, afterwatching it three times now, we reckon the video will indeed do that. Ofcourse there will be people who aren’t fans, but for them to not like thevideo, they will still need to watch it, and the view count will rise. And rise. And rise.

The new Ford Focus RS in RX trim and Hoonigan livery is something to behold, and the fact that it can slay tires without even trying makes it ultra desirable. Want!

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The last Gymkhana video racked up nearly 20,000,000 views in six months on the official YouTube channel, that's not counting all the other sites that downloaded and re-uploaded to get their hit rates higher. When we saw Gymkhana 9, it had a mere 545 views, we're guessing this will crack over a million views within 24 hours. As usual, great action, great filming and of course the main thing, great marketing!