This Is How A Lamborghini Aventador SV Is Delivered

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For obvious reasons.

Chances are this isn't something you'll see very often, if ever. Lamborghini's aren't delivered the way regular cars are; special care is required. An example? A private delivery truck. When a customer spends over $400,000 on an Italian supercar, we're willing to bet they'd demand special attention. So what's it like to witness one of these 740 hp Italian beasts roll off the delivery truck itself? Pretty damn awesome. An employee of a San Diego Lamborghini and exotic car dealership captured the entire delivery on video, and the car is all wrapped up.

But we figured it'd be way cooler for the owner to be the one to do the unwrapping instead of a dealer employee. Considering its price and awesome factor, shouldn't ripping the wrapping off be a part of the whole customer delivery experience? We certainly think so. In any case, enjoy the video.

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