This Is How Aston Martin Plans To Replace The Aging Rapide


Still guaranteed to look gorgeous.

It was back in 2010 when Aston Martin revealed the gorgeous Rapide, and, despite a somewhat recent refresh, that big coupe-like sedan is showing its age. After all, it is based on the soon to be discontinued DB9. So what does the UK carmaker plan to do for the eventual Rapide replacement? Does it stick with the current design setup or go with something else entirely? Well, it apparently plans to split the Rapide into two separate models.

Speaking with Car and Driver, Aston CEO Andy Palmer revealed that we'll be seeing two new four-door models in the coming years. The first will be a production version of the DBX crossover concept revealed last month at Geneva. The second vehicle will be a sport sedan called the Lagonda. No, it will have nothing to do with that extremely limited and gorgeous Lagonda sedan now being sold to select clients. Palmer didn't provide specific details, only that this second Lagonda will be a global model. The production-spec DBX crossover, Palmer revealed, will stick with a high seating position in an effort to attract female buyers, but will switch from a three- to a five-door configuration.

The concept DBX was also a pure EV, but Palmer said that both a gasoline and a hybrid option will make production, but an EV version hasn't been ruled out entirely. Expect both cars to be priced above $200,000. In the meantime, there are still plans to turn the Rapide into a pure EV with 1,000 hp.

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