This Is How Bentley Plans To Get More Cars On The Road

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But will this make Bentley less prestigious?

A few months ago, Bentley announced that the EXP-10 Speed 6 Concept and a baby Bentayga were under consideration for production. Well, that rumor has now become true. Bentley has decided to make plans to increase its sales by introducing two new models to its luxurious lineup. The first to make its reveal will be a smaller SUV to slot below the Bentayga. It will be sized between the Porsche Cayenne and the Macan. Expect this small SUV to make its appearance in around three years time mostly underpinned by the enormous Bentayga.


This means that a potential high-performance variant may use the Bentayga's 6.0-liter 600-hp W12 engine. V8, diesel and hybrid powertrains are also under consideration. As for styling, the unnamed baby-Bentayga will have a more modern design philosophy while keeping in touch with the rest of the lineup. The British automaker hopes that the smaller SUV will attract younger buyers which is something new for Bentley. The second new model from the folks at Bentley will be a completely new and small sportscar. Expect this new model to make its debut in concept form around 2017. Bentley hopes the sportscar, along with the baby SUV, will help increase its total annual sales to around 25,000.

The new sportscar may take its styling inspiration from the EXP-10 Speed 6 that debuted at the Geneva Motor Show a while ago. However, don't expect the sportscar to arrive on public roads until Bentley starts having its small SUV roll off the production line. As far as powertrains are concerned, an Audi-sourced V8 engine is possible. A twin-motor, four-wheel-drive electric powertrain coupled to a three-stepped automatic gearbox is also a consideration. The latter might be able to produce around 400-500 horsepower, a top speed of around 200 mph and a range of about 300 miles. With the advancement in battery technology, Bentley hopes that the sportscar will weigh no more than 4,400 lb, which is right around Aston Martin level.

Bentley hopes that its biggest markets, US, Europe then China, will help contribute to Bentley's annual sales goal. All of this may seem good for Bentley, but will this move make the classy and luxurious automaker less prestigious? Or is this the automaker's answer to giving more people a chance to experience the Bentley treatment? We'll find out in a few years time.

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