This Is How BMW Turned The New 5 Series Into The Ultimate Bond Car

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And this isn't even the M5.

Branding is an incredibly powerful weapon that companies use to sway the flow of customer dollars into their coffers, so it's not surprising that BMW recently decided to revamp its advertising campaign based off of short action movies with Clive Owen playing a James Bond-like character saving a damsel in distress. The ingredients are the same, but the recipe is always different. Take a flashy new BMW, Owen, a good-looking girl, some evil men, and a mountain of adverse conditions and let the problem solver sort it out.

Conveniently, this leaves Owen and the girl as the last two survivors. No matter what the interchangeable plot is, the frame always remains the same, and the result is that potential customers start to see BMW has the brand driven by the skilled, quiet, focused, and heroic man who gets the girl at the end.

It's a powerful image, one that can lull people to spend tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars to be a part of. In BMW's latest film, Owen rescues what is presumably someone who was trapped by an evil corporation for testing. The action is Hollywood quality, so naturally we want to know how it all came together to make the new 5 Series and BMW's spokesperson look like movie stars. Thankfully, BMW thought of that and released some behind the scenes footage.

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Funny thing is that BMW couldn't cram all of the behind the scenes action into one clip, so here's the second.

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