This Is How Buick May Finally Get A Divorce From Old People

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Time for that marriage to end.

Many were surprised when Buick managed to survive GM's bankruptcy. Obama's people wanted to kill it but GM quickly pointed out how popular the brand was in, of all places, China. Flash forward to today and Buick's sales are kicking ass thanks to cars that are appealing to those under the age of 40. But there is one exception: the LaCrosse. It's not a bad car but it still carries something of an old man image, a dentist's car at best. But GM vice president of product, Mark Reuss, is working on a solution, and it's so simple it's brilliant:

Further utilize the just revealed Cadillac CT6's large, rear-wheel-drive Omega platform. And that Avenir Concept that premiered at Detroit in January? That's, generally speaking, the overall idea GM has in mind for a Buick flagship sedan. Blend said platform and concept together and there you go, the big Buick that would appeal to that under 40 crowd. Ok, maybe 45 and under but still, a production Avenir with RWD has so much potential, and not only in the US. In China, for example, Buick outsells Cadillac nearly 13-to-1, according to Automotive News. All Reuss will acknowledge at this time is that GM is "working on that" Omega-based Buick possibility.

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