This Is How Buyers Are Ordering The 2021 Ford Bronco

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The most popular trim level? The rugged, top-tier Wildtrak.

We had a feeling that the all-new 2021 Ford Bronco would be a hit, and so far, the data has proven us right. More than 190,000 reservations are already in the books as the Bronco, Ford's first in more than two decades, marches toward the start of production.

But what trim levels are the most popular? How many customers are ordering the two-door vs. the four-door model? And is there really a market for the available 7-speed manual transmission, which only comes with the base 2.3L four-cylinder engine? Questions like these keep us up at night, so it's a good thing that Autoblog recently got the scoop straight from the horse's mouth: Ford's Mark Grueber.

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Grueber serves as Ford's US Marketing Manager, and he shared some illuminating details about how customers with Bronco reservations are optioning their SUVs. For starters, high-level trims are more popular than lower ones, the top-spec Wildtrak trim accounting for a full 26 percent of all reservations, and the next-step-down Badlands nabbing 20 percent. That's not including the top-tier First Edition, of course, which is limited to just 7,000 examples.

Consequently, the base 2.3L EcoBoost I4 is less popular than the more-expensive 2.7L V6, and the seven-speed manual is less popular still, accounting for just ten percent of four-cylinder orders. That actually makes the manual more popular than Ford had forecast, which might well be vindicating seeing as the company has decided to go ahead and offer it with the optional Sasquatch Package.

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Finally, regarding the battle between the two-door and four-door models, the four-door wins handily, accounting for around two thirds of all 2021 Ford Bronco reservations so far. That's hardly surprising, given the added practicality, but Grueber says Ford was surprised the two-door model grabbed as much market share as it did.

Ford is already working out what options and features it should offer on the Bronco in the near future, scouring internet forums and listening to direct feedback from customers and dealers, so there's always time to help steer the course of the Bronco as it enters subsequent model years. Want Ford to offer a manual with the V6? Start asking.

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