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This Is How China Plans To Beat Tesla In The US

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Chinese carmaker reveals plans for a Tesla fighter.

We've said before that Tesla should keep a watchful eye over Geely. The Chinese company owns Volvo and is turning Polestar into a performance EV brand, with the 400-hp Polestar 2 set to rival the Tesla Model 3. Now, Geely has released a teaser for its all-new electric sedan, the first since the launch of the Emgrand EV in 2015. Significantly, this new electric sedan is a "globally developed product" and will "begin to spearhead Geely's efforts into entering overseas markets." In other words, we're looking at a future Tesla rival that, unlike some other Chinese EVs, will be sold in the US.

Details are scarce but Geely has made some bold design choices, which are previewed in the shadowy teaser photo. The company says the electric sedan will adopt a new design language that will use a "closed" frontal design with headlights designed around the concept of 'Yi', the Chinese word for "one." This allows the headlights to reach across the front of the car and up into the front arches.

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Geely says the strong pronounced hoodline also improves the wind drag coefficient of the model, bringing it down to just 0.2375 and allowing for greater efficiency whilst driving. The door handles are also integrated into the bodywork and will only appear when the driver is within a certain range.

These tantalizing details suggest Geely is working on a rival to the Tesla Model 3. Geely says the new electric sedan will be unveiled in early 2019 "with a focus on design, technology, and performance," but it isn't clear if it will be a concept or a production model.