This Is How Far Car Safety Has Come In The Last 20 Years

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Euro NCAP has been crashing cars for 20 years to improve our safety.

Car safety really has come on in leaps and bounds in recent years. To ride that point home, Euro NCAP has released a video commemorating its 20th anniversary of testing cars to destruction. Since it formed 20 years ago, the organization has crashed around 1,800 cars, saved 78,000 lives and spent 160 million Euros (around $172 million) to make cars safer. The real crunch point of the video, though, is how shockingly unsafe cars used to be in the event of an accident.

In the video, Euro NCAP crashed a 1997 Rover 100 supermini, otherwise known as the Metro, and a modern-day Honda Jazz in a simulated front off-set collision at 40 mph. The result was alarming. The Rover crumples like a tin can to the point that the cabin is intruded.

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According to Euro NCAP's Matthew Avery, the occupants of the Rover supermini would almost certainly have been killed or seriously injured. In comparison, everyone in the 2017 Honda Jazz would have walked away with only minor injuries. Experts were surprised at how badly the Rover performed in the crash test. Its 'safety cell' completely collapsed, and the force of the impact moved the steering wheel into the cabin and pushed the airbag to the side, causing the driver's head to slam into the dashboard. You can see why it was only awarded a one star safety rating when it was on sale 20 years ago. Worryingly, this was one of Britain's best-selling cars at the time when Euro NCAP first launched.

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