This Is How Ferrari Has Made The California T More Sporty

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Prancing Horse introduces brand new package for Italian Grand Tourer.

Ferrari has a car for every type of enthusiast out there, which isn't such a bad thing. Need something that has blistering track performance? There's the Ferrari LaFerrari. For others that still want track performance and on-road usability, there's the Ferrari 488 GTB. The Ferrari California T is Ferrari's baby supercar and is aimed at enthusiasts that are looking for a capable grand tourer with a ridiculous amount of power. Ferrari hopes to change that with a "good handling" option for the California T.

Ferrari recently announced the Handling Speciale option on the California T that adds stiffer springs (16-perfect in front and 19-percent at the back), faster-reacting magnetorheological dampers, along with sportier calibration for the chassis and transmission controls. The California T also benefits from a new exhaust system that, according to Ferrari, promises to give the supercar "an exhaust note that increases progressively as engine speed increases, with a sound in keeping with the car's more sporty character." Ferrari may be blurring the lines from its baby supercar to its high-performance models, but the automaker believes that that the option "marginally reduc[es] the ride comfort." That sounds like an okay tradeoff.

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