This Is How Hennessey Prepped Its VelociRaptor 600 To Be Punished Beyond Belief On Top Gear

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Guess who its on-air driver was.

John Hennessey received a phone call not long ago from the producers of Top Gear. Obviously he was interested in what they had to say, which was really more of a request. They wanted the ultimate pickup truck for an extreme off-road adventure. No other details were provided, but Hennessey knew he could deliver just what they needed: the 623 hp VelociRaptor 600. Hennessey was also fully aware the famed motoring program was literally going to beat the shit out of the truck, which was just fine by him.

What's more, this bad ass sucker was one of the last vehicles driven by Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear before he was booted. And now Hennessey has released this video showing how his crew prepped the truck for its ultimate endurance test.

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