This Is How James May Is Utilizing His Newfound Free Time

Nothing like jamming away on the recorder.

In case you haven’t heard, Top Gear is in the midst of, shall we say, a bit of reorganizing. Jeremy Clarkson is gone and, from the reports we’ve read, both Richard Hammond and James May could be as well. After all, the three hosts come "as a package." So while the BBC works to do whatever it needs to do and Clarkson figures out his next move, James May is taking full advantage of his newfound free time. Judging from this recent video he posted, it appears he’s going back to his musical roots.

So here he is, the one and only James May, performing a short musical tune for us on the old grade school recorder instrument. As you could probably guess, he’s pretty darn good. Somebody get this man a new job. He looks pretty bored.

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