This Is How Many People Have Reserved The Faraday FF 91


The number of people that have reserved the Faraday FF 91 probably won't be much concern to Tesla.

The Faraday FF 91 caused quite a stir when it was unveiled for the first time at last week’s CES show in Las Vegas. With its record-breaking performance that makes it the fastest-accelerating electric car in the world, it’s not surprising that it’s already attracting potential buyers, this despite the fact it hasn’t entered production yet. Faraday said it received 64,124 reservations for the FF 91 in less than 36 hours. Granted that may not sound like a lot when you compare it to the competition.

The Tesla Model 3 had over 400,000 reservations within a couple of weeks of launch. This number is impressive when you consider that this is a company that has yet to prove itself, though. It’s a slightly misleading figure, however, as consumers can opt to either make a refundable $5,000 high priority reservation or a free low priority reservation. Multiple reservations can be made by the same person too, so it isn’t clear how much money the company has made from reservations. With Tesla, a $1,000 deposit was required to reserve the Model 3, which made the company a ton of money. The FF 91 is aiming for a more premium market though, with an asking price set to be over $100,000.

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Faraday could certainly do with the money now, given its recent setbacks. Still, if nothing else Faraday has certainly piqued people’s interest in the FF 91 with the promise of “a new species” of electric car with a 130 kWh battery pack and four electric motors delivering 1,050 hp. This allows the FF 91 to accelerate to 60 mph in just 2.39 seconds, beating the record set by the Tesla Model S. It also has self-parking abilities, but Faraday didn’t sell that feature very well in a live demonstration.