This Is How Mayweather Copes With Being Stripped Of His Title


Hypercar Therapy.

There's no doubt that when Floyd Mayweather woke up this morning his day began in a difficult way. After recently defeating Manny Pacquiao in the "fight of the century" for the welterweight world title, Floyd has now been stripped of his title by The World Boxing Organization (WBO). The reason? Despite earning $200 million for the fight, Mayweather failed to pay the sanctioning fee of $200,000 to the WBO and also violated the rule of holding multiple championship titles after failing to relinquish his junior middleweight title.

In spite of the upset, we're sure that Mayweather will be fine. He can always take his mind off things by going for hypercar therapy in one of his many incredible rides. In fact, just a couple days before the WBO's announcement, Floyd was filmed cruising with his posse in a fleet of Bugattis. Bugatti leather seats are always the softest pillows to cry into.

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