This Is How Much It Would Cost To Insure The Millennium Falcon

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A car insurance company has calculated how much it would cost to insure the most iconic vehicles in the Star Wars saga.

The wait is finally over for die-hard Star Wars fans, as The Last Jedi has finally hit the big screen. We've already seen Nissan promote the eighth installment of the long-running science fiction saga with a series of Star Wars-themed cars inspired by vehicles in The Last Jedi film. And now British car insurance company InsureTheGap has answered the question legions of Star Wars fans have been asking: if you owned Han Solo's iconic Millennium Falcon, how much would it cost to insure?

InsureTheGap's team of self-confessed Star Wars fanatics has calculated potential insurance costs for some of the most famous ships in the saga, based on the owner's age and occupation, as well as the vehicle's weight, engine, top speed, size and modifications. The company concluded that it would cost Han Solo $544,339 to insure the Millennium Falcon every year "due to the risk that being a smuggler and Rebel entails." The extensive modifications made to the iconic freighter also bumped up the steep insurance costs. Surprisingly, however, the Millennium Falcon is only the second most expensive Star Wars ship to insure.

The most expensive ship to insure in Star wars would be the Corellian Corvette, also known as the Blockade Runner, with an annual cost of a whopping $6,097,500. Featuring at the start of A New Hope, it's a large and powerful ship which drives up the price, as does the risk of carrying stolen Death Star plans. Similarly, Darth Vader's extensively modified Tie Figher, known as the Tie Advanced, features modifications such as a hyperdrive bump which hikes the annual insurance cost up to $148,295. Luke's X-Wing, on the other hand, doesn't have many modifications, but it was deemed an insurance risk since it regularly features in space battles resulting in an annual cost of $285,375 to insure.

Jabba The Hutt's sail barge was deemed as the company's top pick "if you want the most bang for your buck" since it's essentially a floating bar with weapons and a 500-passenger capacity, so a $7,200 annual insurance cost seems like good value. For prequel fans (we know there probably aren't many), Sebulba's Podracer is the Star Wars equivalent of a heavily modified sports car. Due to the dangerous and risky nature of Podracing, the company quoted an annual insurance cost of $12,534. Luke's Landspeeder ranks as the cheapest vehicle to insure to insure with an annual cost of $714 per year, thanks to its relatively modest top speed of 150 mph putting it roughly on a par with a Ford Focus ST.

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