This Is How Much Someone Paid For A 'Top Gear' Reasonably Priced Car

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Is a collector's item really worth this much cash?

About a week ago we learned that one of the old reasonably priced cars from "Top Gear" was up for auction on eBay. The Vauxhall Astra was driven by the likes of Will Smith and Hugh Jackman and starred on the world's most famous car shows, so it's got that going for it. However, it was a true track vehicle through and through. That means the air bags were disabled when the roll cage was put in and while it only has 2,908 miles on it all of those came from hot lap thrashings. So, how much is this reasonably priced car worth to a collector?

Well, after 67 bids the winner ended up paying £17,800 or $26,386. That kind of money can buy you quite a few new cars, but have any of those cars ever been driven by the former "Top Gear" trio, the Stig and a ton of celebs? We doubt it. In our opinion, if you can afford the price then it's money well spent.

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