This Is How Much Viper Owners Absolutely Hate The Corvette

Hint: it involves explosives and a .50 caliber machine gun.

Those who aren’t car people just wouldn’t understand rivalries like this, and likely never will. Ever since the Dodge Viper launched back in 1992, Viper and Corvette people have been, shall we say, debating which of the two is the true all-American high-performance sports car. That debate won’t end anytime soon. And that’s just fine by us because we can sit on the sidelines and watch these guys duke it out. But how will Corvette people top what members of the North Texas Viper club have just done (of course it’d be in Texas)?

They went out and bought a C4 Corvette, filled it up with Tannerite (a type of explosive), and shot the hell out of it with a .50 caliber machine gun until it blew up. Corvette clubs, we’re anxiously waiting for your response.

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